Searching for Santa Claus

For years, Raquel believes blindingly in mythical people like
Santa Claus, but as she turns 12 and into to middle school, she no longer believes and needs to find a way to show her parents that there is no way that Santa Claus could exist.

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As the first day of middle school quickly approached, Raquel Patek was in a bit of a quandary. She wasn’t sure how to do it but decided it was time to tell her parents, though she knew the whole notion had blasphemy written in big red letters all over it.

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Noel Pennington

Noel Pennington is a producer, short story author and a writer by trade.

Though this work is his first entree into the world of book publishing, his years of working on multiple million dollar projects creating documents for large corporation has honed his writing skills allowing him to create a well written detailed book allowing the readers to build a visual fabric of the story in their mind.

He continues to look at the world with child like amazement through his own eyes and the eyes of his children. Noel hopes you will join him as he develops the story around Santa Claus and all those mythical creates and people.